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A Common Problem

We live in a digital world. We’re expected to respond instantly to nearly every request, letting other people take our time. In response to these demands most of us simply work harder and longer. This leads to poor performance, unhappiness, and even depression. We’re working harder and harder but getting less done.

We're working harder and harder but getting less done.

There is a Better Way

It changed my life for the better by cutting out the nonsense and focusing on high-value thinking and reading during times of maximum effectiveness. It has become my way of being “at work” and has enriched my life manifold. I have started my own revolution against the tyranny of bullshit. If you are serious about your own revolution, do it now.


I'll Show you

  • Why Creating another to-do list is bad and what you should do instead.

  • Why you shouldn't sacrifice rest, renewal and recovery in order to do more.

  • How to structure your time.

  • How to match tasks with energy to instantly increase focus and performance.

  • The things that get in the way of you achieving better performance and how to stop doing them.

  • Why you need to develop a personal feedback loop.


Hi, I’m Shane Parrish

You might know me as the author of Farnam Street, a website with over 500,000 monthly readers. Or you might have seen me in Forbes or the Wall Street Journal.

When I started my career, I really didn’t appreciate how productivity can make a huge difference. I didn’t know how to organize my time to maximize the chances of accomplishing my goals, I didn’t know how to rearrange my day to leverage my energy.

What I did know is that I wanted to do more than the people I was around.

You know that feeling you get when you look at your life and you know you’re capable of doing so much more?

For years I struggled. I worked harder and longer than anyone but the results weren’t what I expected. It was incredibly frustrating and draining.

In fact, I made every mistake: I said yes to everything. I worked till well past 10 p.m. 6 nights a week. I didn’t use my time wisely. I didn’t know how to move the needle on difficult projects because I had no time.

During the midst of a particularly frustrating period, I went to my mentor and asked for help. He was one of the most productive people I knew.

Slowly, I started learning.

Through careful observation of the most successful people around me, and trial and error, I learned how the right productivity system enables you do more.

It didn’t take long before people started coming to me and asking me how I could do so much — and yet still have free time. They wanted my help.

Let me show you how my system can work for you. I’ve taught over a thousand students from around the world my system on how to work smarter, increase productivity, and spend more time doing the things they love.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the course time-limited?

No, you can learn at your own pace and you will have full access to the course material indefinitely.

Is the course guaranteed to give me more time in my life?

No. This course only gives you the tools you need to be more productive with your time. Only you can decide what to do with the knowledge and tools you receive from this course.

Do I need to be self-employed to benefit?

Absolutely not. Everyone can benefit from the knowledge and tools offered in this course.

I already consider myself productive. Will I still benefit from this course?

Yes! What this course is offering is the knowledge and skills developed by the most successful, productive people out there. Unless you’re already a millionaire with lots of spare time on your hands, you will benefit from this course.

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